Thursday, December 29, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011

Christmas went very smoothly here at the Haynes Household. Everyone seemed happy with what they got for x-mas. No one fought and we ate yummy Chinese food at Wong's for Christmas Eve dinner. On Christmas day we went to see "We bought a Zoo" it was a great movie and then had a yummy Turkey dinner. We are ready to move into the new year with positive attitudes, new goals and new adventures.
Merry Christmas to all!!

Friday, December 9, 2011

My Baby is growing up!!

I hate when I have to realize how much my kids are growing up! Especially the baby of the house. He has been getting so grown up for awhile but lately I have really noticed it. He talks football and knows his stuff, He plays with his big brother Bear and his friends and can hang with them. The things he says just blow me away.
Rhett is my snuggler loves to lay with me, loves to come get in bed with us in the middle of the night, Always hugs and yells out "I Love You" as he runs into school. well he is starting to go lay in his own bed without Geno making him and says Mom I need to go get in my bed now!! I just want to grab him and yell nooo don't grow up. Just stay little and need me forever!!
Sometimes I love he is so grown up but the reality is that everyday he gets more and more grown up!!
Well I love you either way Rhett!! Forever and Always!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Haynesenberger X-mas tree Hunt Adventure!!

For Thanksgiving weekend we went up to Greer AZ to a place called
Snowy Mountain. We went with our friends The Rosenbergers. It was so fun!! We stayed in a cabin that had a hot tub right outside the front door. We went hunting for our x-mas tree and found a great one with a little birds nest in it.. The kids had such a great time they loved looking for the trees and then we ate yummy chili out in the snow, then the kids went sledding. There is this awesome lodge up there. The people who own the place are some of the kindest people you could meet. they have the place decorated so cute and they have a room just for the kids. They open at night but the kids got to go in early and play and then Pat and Dick (the owners) had them sit up at the Bar and have Hot cocoa and french fries. Great memories were made and a tradition has started.
Thank you Rosenbergers for inviting us. We Love you!!
Here is our tree!!

The birds nest!!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Malibu Marathon

I did it!! My 2Nd Marathon on Sunday Nov 13. It was in Malibu Ca. So very beautiful there I just loved it.

Malorie, Dana and I drove up for the weekend and had a really fun time. How can you not when women get together we talked and laughed constantly and ate yummy food. The Marathon itself was a challenge. Some inclines and declines along the Pacific Coast Highway. It was beautiful to run along the ocean the way we did. My 1 challenge was not having enough nutrition. My body needs more than GU and water for 5hrs. In the end we made it! I am very happy I did both my marathons and as of now I don't have anymore planned!! I say never again but you never know what will pop up next year. For now my 1/2 and relays are what I am concentrating on..
The day before picking up our bibs and seeing the ocean. The morning of the race Mal had to take us to the start line. Mile 13 half way! Coming in at the finish line 5:29:50
12.35 minute mile

Monday, November 7, 2011

Az Urban Race!

This last Sat I did an event with my friend Stephanie. It was a 5k with 10 obstacles. The

obstacles were things like barricades to climb over, a wall to go over, a semi-truck we crawled through with sandbags, stadium stairs to go up and down and a couple bear crawl stuff and the end was two police cars we had to go over.

We did it pretty quick 29minutes for everything. Then we ate some yummy breakfast at Wildflower bread company. It was a fun morning..

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Malibu Marathon!

I am very excited to run my 2Nd Marathon. This time I decided I was going to dedicate each mile to someone. I felt this would really be something to help me get thru my 26 miles and because I really appreciate all those I have in my life. In some way each of you have touched me in a certain way and I Thank you!!

So Here I go!!

1. -My Savior - You got me thru each mile, I whined and begged and you answered! Thank you for my pennies reminding me you were there and helping!2.- Geno- For all the sacrificing you do so I can run. For all the massages, the encouragement, making sure I get my naps. Thank you for everything most of all loving me.

3.- Malorie- For getting up all those Saturdays you wanted to sleep cause you were helping out with the boys, Thank you for not only being an awesome daughter but a best friend too!

4.- Bear- For working so hard for me. For your sweet hugs.Your precious smile, Your silly jokes. I Love you.. You are so awesome!

5.- Rhett- Going to bed with me early and being my snuggle buddy. Your sweet toothless smile, The amazing things you say. For knowing just when to tell me how much you love me. I love you!! You are so Cool!!

6. -Dana- For all the long runs, the hiding waters, getting up wayyy to early laughing hysterically as we are running down the street!! We have made some great memories.

7. -LeAnn- Thank goodness for Fri mornings. For running our hearts out to beat our time. We have came so far from those 4:00 am runs!!

8. -Christy - For all our laughs, tears, cheeseburgers, sushi and everything in between. I miss you!

9.- Mom - For all our long talks and the memories you have given me! Love and miss you!

10.-Dad - For waiting for me to realize just how important you are to me. For working so hard to take care of our Family. I love and miss you!!

11.-Tina- Your sweet spirit is so great to be around- For you and Brianna and because it's not much longer!!

12.- Colleen - You deserve to be honored more than once- Your strength amazes me, you are such an example!

13.- Nanny - I saved you so you could have your lucky 13. I miss you so much sometimes I think my heart will burst. I wish you were here to see me. I love you!

14.-Meghann-For listening everyday about running or exercise or food! Are talks are priceless & for making me laugh till I cry.. (:

15.-Michael R- For yummy cinn bread of course! Lol for your advise that I usea lot..Just pull your hat down and keep on going!

16. Carrie- For a friendship that always lasts.

17. Lori - For always bragging about me to others. I have loved getting to know you.

18.- Dannyelle- Cause you are my Sis and I love you Cowgirl!!

19.- Susanne - I think you are so strong and your story is incredible. You are a great example!

20.-Dr.Cooper - For all your advice you give me and make me feel scared if I don't comply!!

21-Nanette- My Runner, boot camp girl from the day I met you the positive attitude you possessed I knew we would always stay friends you are a huge example to me !

22-Natalie- For my other running girl You too are an inspiration I thank you.

23. -Jan- You have always been such an example to me. You are always moving forward with a smile on your face. I want to be just like you when I grow up!!

24.- Deshawn- I can't forget you! For always getting stuck with me and listening to all my stories!

25. -My Family- You so deserve 2 miles Again you have sacrificed for me you have made it so I can do this again. You are my world and I love you forever and Always!!!

26.- ME- I give myself this mile cause I am here and I worked really hard to get to the finish line.....

.2- If I didn't mention anyone I should have Here's to You.....

Hope you all had a Happy Halloween!!

The boys were scream this year! I was against it but lost out. I just want fun little costumes but that went out the window with these boys!! Oh well its just one night! It is a bummer that the schools down here do not let them dress up for school. I hate missing Utah but things like this make me want to go back to a place that has tradition. Mal hung out with us and was a football player! Thanks to the friends that came along with us.

Mal and Ashley are to the left, Ashley and her Mom & Brother are good friends of ours. At the bottom is Cody(Rhetts little buddy) Cassidy and Olivia (My friend Dana's girls) It was a fun night with lots of candy!!